Distance Management/ Distance Leadership/ Distance Work

Samarbejde over distancer kræver, at der er etableret en fælles kultur og identitet, som alle føler sig en del af. Men det kræver også, at grundlæggende dynamikker og bevidsthed om brug af kommunikation som arbejdsredskab er en del af den fælles referenceramme. To cooperate at a distance you need to establish a common culture and identity that is recognisable to all employees. But you also need to establish the fundamental dynamics and a conscious use of communication as part of the common frame of reference.

Distance work

Successful distance teamwork needs a toolbox that is filled with the right tools. You need to clarify roles, conditions and limits. And all team members need to have a common understanding of content and time of delivery.

The executive team must take the lead, and make a conscious choice as to the methods and channels of communication. This communication choice must ensure you get close to your employees everywhere, even though you are physically bound to one place.

Training of distance management

A Google search for ‘distance management’ results in more than 500,000,000 hits which, in general, try to explain how you succeed with distance management. People & Performance have identified two cornerstones: Distance Management and Distance Leadership. We base the training processes on verified knowledge so that our training is very solid and leaves the participants with a set of tools that will ensure success in distance management.