Leadership Development/ business games/ business scenarios

In development courses, pictures of learning are created in the heads of participants – and the sharper the picture, the better the chances of learning and ingraining behavioural change after the course. So the question is: how do you create sharp pictures for participants who all have their own mindsets? In my book the answer is business games.

As a consultant I have used games as an active alternative to the more traditional workshop in areas such as project management and change management as well as in prioritising and strategy.

It is my experience that participants are motivated by the immediate consequences of the actions they choose – and that is at the heart of business games. To be successful in the game, participants must analyse the situation, get the overall picture, and with a group make the right choices.

A business game is a training course that allows the participants to understand the mechanisms of the real world – or, in other words, they are rehearsing ahead of the choices they will have to make and implement when they get back to their company.