Business Development/ Recruitment/ HR Outsourcing

In many businesses the HR area offers a lot of challenges and even more different aspects, which only few busiesses have the expertise and resources at their disposal to cover. Outsourcing offers, besides an extra set of hands, also the opportunity to profit by a specific HR competence contributing to optimising the yield through a joint exposure og needs and success crteria. 

”When choosing outsourcing partner for HR aspectsit is important, that the partner's business model matches the intended outsourcing, and is able to act as a true partner” states CEO Torben Nørby. 

What do you profit by if you outsource?

Depending on the size of the business you can benefit from by outsourcing your HR activities:

  • Easy access to experienced consultants
  • Access to different competences at the same cost
  • Bevidst drevet strategisk agenda
  • Synergies between internal and externaæ HR forces
  • Absolute transparent costs
  • Fixed costs are converted to variable costs
  • A high degree of scalability
  • Cost optimisation

In an article about HR outsourcing Torben Nørby and Niels Prehn, CCO at People & Performance, give their take on why and how businesses both financially, strategically and operationally can profit by outsourcing HR activities.

You can here read the article (in Danish only) Forretningsmodellen skal matche opgaven.