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Sustainable solutions that create and maintain actual changes are key. Customers only want what works. So do we!

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Leadership Development /

MHI Vestas Offshore: relevant and engaging leadership training with an international approach

With 38 different nationalities and two fundamentally different corporate cultures, MVOW needed a ...

Recruitment, Leadership Development /

Spectronic Denmark A/S

People & Performance has worked with Spectronic on recruitment as well as leadership training, and ...

Recruitment /

J. Hvidtved Larsen

  For a number of years, J. Hvidtved Larsen has executed an ambitious growth strategy and increased ...

Recruitment /


In the spring of 2016, Energinet.dk had an extraordinarily large recruitment need, and an important ...

Business Research /


As part of its strategy plan, Espersen has defined a need to focus its Corporate Culture and define ...

Business Research /

AURA Energi discovered the best customer experience

As part of the group’s 2020 strategy, AURA Energi wanted to find out what defines the best customer ...

Leadership Development /

LM Windpower

Launching a global leadership development programme based on a train-the-trainer approach, LM Wind ...

Leadership Development /


Leadership development programme for 120 leaders across eight countries builds a shared leadership ...

Leadership Development /


Solar wanted to improve leadership by boosting the general leadership level across the organisation ...

Commercial Excellence /


As part of its strategy, ISS wanted to develop integrated solutions across Cleaning, Catering, ...

Business Development /

Indeks Retail

With a clear ambition to ensure a positive development and create a sustainable business model, the ...