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In the spring of 2016, had an extraordinarily large recruitment need, and an important element in the cooperation between and People & Performance was to bring new employees on board at a certain speed in order to keep up the momentum. This was achieved through a flexible setup in which the recruitment speed could be increased and decreased as required.  In September 2016, acquired the company Dansk Gasdistribution from DONG Energy, and the cooperation between and People & Performance was extended to also comprise recruitment of employees for Dansk Gasdistribution in connection with the building of a new organisation after the acquisition was facing an extraordinary recruitment need, among other things due to the acquisition of Dansk Gasdistribution from DONG Energy in September 2016. realised that it would not be possible to meet the organisation’s demand for new employees with the existing in-house HR resources if the momentum of the change process was to be kept going. The company thus wished to cooperate with People & Performance to create a flexible model in which People & Performance acted as a “helping hand” during an extraordinarily busy period recruitment-wise for the HR department.

In close cooperation with, People & Performance built a recruitment strategy linking analysis of critical job factors and success criteria to the overall business strategy. The aim was to create a pragmatic and efficient solution constantly delivering competent assistance and sparring to the hiring managers throughout the entire recruitment process. People & Performance was given access to’s recruitment system and followed the company’s general processes and workflow. In this way, People & Performance’s consultants solved recruitment tasks using the same tools as the company’s in-house recruiters. The cooperation was adjusted along the way to achieve the common goal of an efficient and successful cooperation.

As a result, was able to bring a large number of new employees on board significantly faster than the in-house recruiters alone could have done. 32 new employees were hired over a period of nine months. Furthermore, the process relieved some of the strain on the in-house HR department enabling them to allocate resources for other strategic tasks to support the ongoing change process. People & Performance has an ability to understand any organisation’s needs using a flexible and adaptable process and various tools. 

"Our managers have received competent assistance and sparring in all phases of the recruitment process, and People & Performance have been true to our systems, processes and workflows."

Jesper Kinch, HR-konsulent,