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As part of its strategy plan, Espersen has defined a need to focus its Corporate Culture and define the values in the organisation that are to contribute to creating a winning culture, which is an important element for Espersen to reach its goal of future growth and also its strategic objectives. 

When defining its future strategy, Espersen has pointed to culture and communication as a focus area. One of the most important challenges was to understand if it would create value for Espersen to focus on its Corporate Culture - and if it would: How could this value be generated and developed? At the same time, Espersen - today, a multinational company - was experiencing that the different cultures in the company were barriers for development.

Consequently, Espersen had to define corporate cultural elements that built on strong, shared values and that would help create a winning corporate culture. It was necessary to establish corporate DNA and a shared set of values across Espersen, building on elements that were characteristic of the culture in the most successful companies in the group. Espersen used Michael C. Mankins’ description of a “Winning Culture” as its starting point to define specific cultural elements that were wanted in the company in the future. An internal employee survey collecting feedback from all groups of employees has established the status of the organisation, and from this, important development areas in relation to the Corporate Culture work have been defined.

Understanding the current status of the cultural elements and values which are to create the winning culture has made it possible to prepare a specific implementation and communication plan for the further work towards developing a winning culture. The work was done in 2016, and the effect in relation to the important cultural elements will be measured when the employee survey is repeated in the second half of 2017. At this time, it will also be possible to deduce business results by measuring the leadership behaviour in the company and how it links to the cultural elements.

“Our credo is “we say what we do, and we do what we say!” and in our experience, this is also People & Performance’s credo, which makes us an excellent match.”

Michael W. Andersen, Group HR Manager A. Espersen A/S