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Solar wanted to improve leadership by boosting the general leadership level across the organisation and expanding leadership to encompass not only operational management but also tactical and strategic leadership.

Solar wanted to strengthen the competences of its managers across the organisation to enable them to lead at the operational and the tactical as well as at the strategic level, making Solar an even stronger sourcing & service company.

People & Performance and Solar worked closely together to identify the current level of leadership in the organisation and the desired level of leadership, and subsequently to assess what it would take to elevate the individual manager and leadership in general across the organisation. Understanding Solar’s business and challenges, People & Performance were able to identify a need to create a link between leadership and business development in order to develop a unique approach to leadership training at several leadership levels in the organisation.

The result was a leadership development programme called Solar Group Leadership Programme capable of focusing on the individual manager’s development while creating a link between leadership and business development to elevate leadership to also encompass the tactical and strategic levels. Furthermore, it has become clearer what is expected from the individual manager in Solar and how he/she contributes to developing his/her own area and Solar in general, making it an even stronger sourcing and service company.

"If leadership development is to make an impact, it is essential that it is linked to other strategic initiatives. Their emphasis on creating exactly this link is where People & Performance excel”

Pernille Skovmose Finnerup, Director, Talent & Leadership Group HR, Solar