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People & Performance has worked with Spectronic on recruitment as well as leadership training, and in connection with a major round of layoffs, the cooperation was extended to also include an outplacement process to help the affected employees find their next job

Spectronic wanted to ensure that the employees they had to let go received the support necessary to handle their dismissal and were given the best support in relation to finding their next job. Therefore, Spectronic chose to cooperate with People & Performance to develop a targeted and professional process to assist the dismissed employees.

In close cooperation, Spectronic and People & Performance built an outplacement process allowing the dismissed employees to share frustrations and reactions with each other, but also putting them into contact with a designated external consultant from People & Performance, who could advise them with their personal situation as a starting point. In addition, the dismissed employees were given guidance on how to write a CV and applications, received assistance defining own competences and job options, learned how to activate different job seeking channels and last but not least, they were trained in job interviews. The aim was to create an efficient model offering the employees the best support possible to ensure that they were successful in finding their next jobs.

In cooperation with the management, People & Performance contributed to designing an efficient and professional process from announcement to execution. The outplacement process involved individual processes focusing on helping the dismissed employees on to their next jobs, but it also included a process for the employees who remained in the organisation, giving them a new beginning. Both parts of the process were completed successfully with nine out of ten employees finding their next job during the outplacement process itself.


“People & Performance have proven to be a strong sparring partner, who with great flexibility and at short notice was able to provide us with a very competent team of consultants.”

Rene Toxvig. Finance Manager, Spectronic Denmark A/S