“We provide the right data material for business and organisational development, leadership development and sales development, and we design anything from short performance measurements to extensive and continuous projects. In Business Research, we procure and present vital knowledge that can help our customers make complex decisions and create progress and development."

Jacob Høgild, Director, Business Research


Our process and approach

We mobilise your organisation – Every good analysis begins with a lot of questions – for you!
With every analysis – whether it is internally or externally targeted – we begin by acquainting ourselves with your situation.

We know, that you have asked us to assist you because we are specialists within the field of business research, but our final recommendations are worth nothing if they are not 100 % spot on in regard to the needs you have and what you should be able to act upon when we have terminated our analysis.

We ask about what you already know, what you think you know but you need to have confirmed or disconfirmed and what you know that you do not know but need to know. Just as we ask you who will be using the gained knowledge and insights and for what and how it interacts with your strategy

We collect facts, knowledge and insights – When it comes to analysis we are specialists

We have specialised in designing, implementing and interpreting all manner of quantitative and qualitative analysis. Internal and external. We complete NPS, eNPS, job satisfaction measurements, employee satisfaction measurements, customer satisfaction and loyalty measurements and make identification of user needs and user expectations in a number of different contexts.

We facilitate translation into winning actions – Knowledge and insights are not valuable until they are used to create value

The value created from a translation of the results of an analysis can be of both commercial and organisational character. We have specialised in facilitating the work of translating the results from the accomplished analysis into performance and behaviour that create value. Here we get hold of a work effort that often challenges. When habits, approaches and points of view have to be adjusted or maybe entirely replaced it is an advantage having someone from the outside to help along the process. And we have a number of tools for this work all developed and tested throughout the years, in many different working cultures and at many different organisational levels.

We ensure ‘doing’ based on ‘knowing’ – We link knowledge and insights to relevant behaviour and essential competences

The realisation of the necessary efforts identified in the previous step often demands providing competences for leaders and employees. Here we draw on the experience gained in People & Performance when it comes to competency development and competency training. Our track record within this area is massive and counts many years’ experience with the development of organisations, leaders, specialists and employees in both Danish and international businesses.

We track progress and adjust accordingly – what gets measured gets done

It is essential, that we evaluate the changes undertaken on the basis of the analysis. This in order to clarify if the effort has had the wanted effect and to adjust if necessary. Here it can be a matter of both qualitative and quantitative analysis and often even quite simple ones. At this point most people want numbers. It is our experience that obtaining objective proof of the value of your effort is highly motivational and take part in professionalising the joint effort.  

For more information please contact Head of Business Research Jacob Høgild or Senior Consultant Liselotte Mosbæk.