Tailor-made leadership development

"We develop and deliver tailor-made leadership development, where leadership and business development are inextricably linked and two sides of the same coin. We get to do this because our tools and processes are based on research and translated into tools that work. We design our courses to combine learning, requirements for action and follow-up on results.  We call it LEAP – Learn Enable Activate Perform – a learning approach that clearly sets us apart in the market, and that creates lasting behavioural changes with our customers.”

Anni Vind Frandsen, Director Leadership Development


Effective (and profitable) learning engages, motivates and is rooted in everyday life

At People & Performance we see effective learning as a process that requires commitment and participation across the organisation; from the participants, their managers and their employees. This involvement is necessary to ensure that new knowledge takes root, regardless of what the goal of the learning is. In order to ensure involvement at several levels in the organisation, we have developed our own unique approach to learning, which we call LEAP. The LEAP learning process is used on all our development courses and stands for Learn, Enable, Activate & Perform.

With the LEAP learning process we can optimise for example onboarding of new employees, working with change processes, leadership development, sales training, etc. and make sure that the participants use what they have learned when they return to the workplace. With a training course specifically tailored for the individual organisation, we can optimise the training and achieve the best possible results.

The learning process can be supported by an online learning platform where participants can interact with each other, their leaders and their coaches, and where they can inspire, challenge and support each other’s development and work.

The LEAP learning process ensures that all participants on a course are involved, motivated and engaged, which will enable them to implement what they have learned in their work. In this way, what is learned takes root in the participants and in the organisation and that is how 'we make it stick'.

For more information about LEAP please contact Director Leadership Development Anni Vind Frandsen.