Leadership development: from individual courses to large academies

Do you use competence development strategically?
Is your leadership training effective enough?
Or are your leadership courses a waste of money?

An organisation's ability to perform largely depends on the available skills and the capacity for leadership. Leadership development courses that train a group of leaders in the same methods, insights and approaches, which have been selected and combined with the aim of supporting the business, will ensure a collective competence boost that will have direct impact on business performance. In our experience, effective learning and development happens when you apply the right learning approach for the situation at hand. People & Performance works with leaders at all levels. We have extensive experience designing and implementing leadership development courses, including individual leadership development courses, management group development and leadership academies.

Integration of what has been learned in your daily business context

We develop coherent, tailor-made courses that ensure business impact and are directed at various business competences that are all relevant for selected employees as well as managers. There is a difference between leadership in practice and in theory – we immediately build a bridge between the two. Development courses are designed from a solid analysis of the company’s ambitions and the manager’s approach. The key is that we involve and engage the immediate manager throughout the learning process. Based on the managers' potential and everyday challenges, we choose tools from a collective toolbox that enables us to tailor the course to the company’s business needs. 

For more information contact Director Leadership Development Anni Vind Frandsen or COO Kasper Urth

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Leadership sparring and coahing

  • Do you need sparring over your strategic leadership challenges? Would you like to be able to call a friend outside your organisation to get a different angle on the issues you are working on?

  • At People & Performance, our senior consultants have many years of leadership experience, and they are ready to assist you with sparring and coaching for shorter or longer periods of time. We base our sparring and coaching on your challenges, and we are able to provide you with a new perspective on your business and your leadership. We often start with a personality profile that gives you insight into your own strengths and derailers and provides you with a foundation to build and develop your leadership on, thereby strengthening your leadership skills.
  • For more information contact Director Leadership Development Anni Vind Frandsen or COO Kasper Urth

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