"For our customers and for us recruiting is about delivering impact and commercial results through the candidates we hire. Full stop. That is why the understanding of the customer’s business and point of departure, unique context and strategy is pivotal for us to have a good grip on from the beginning. This way we can plan exactly the search process and method that provides precisely the candidates who possess the right behaviour and competences and who are able to deliver the specific position’s contribution to the realization of the strategy. This regardless of it being a functional manager, a specialist or a CEO."  

Anders Jørgensen, Director Recruitment


A customised recruitment process in the hunt for talents

The hunt for talents started long ago and the attempt to find the brightest brains is becoming critical. But recruiting is not just about finding the best candidates in the market – it is about finding the best suited candidates for the job in question. Mistaken recruitments are a frustrating experience both because it shows on the bottom line figures and also because it is frustrating for both the recruit and the business.

At People & Performance we work with recruitment at both organisational level and as well at individualised level. That is why we can help, whether you have a specific need to hire one or several new employees, or if you are dismissed – or just seek competent feedback/sparring in order to achieve your career goals.

When you are facing a recruitment of one or several employees, we ensure a preparatory work securing a profound understanding of the strategy and needs of your business. This all makes it possible to find exactly the candidate capable of delivering value in the job – thus employing on the basis of commercial contribution and not on the basis of gut feeling.

Therefore we also willingly challenge the organisation’s dreams about the candidates in order to be able to find the best match possible – and not just find a replacement for the employee who is about to leave. The recruitment process is orchestrated and adjusted according to the job and the situation of the business in order to create the best conditions possible for obtaining a strong candidate pool. The process is always focused on delivering an outcome where you as customer end up becoming in positive doubt about which one of the final candidates you wish to employ!

For further information please contact Director Recruitment Anders Jørgensen or Team Manager Heidi Forsberg Bertelsen.