Translating sales development into strong results

"At People & Performance, we translate sales development into strong results for our customers. Our tools and processes are based on research, and they work! That is why we get to work with a number of the most demanding and ambitious companies - also internationally." 

Camilla Wolff, Director Commercial Excellence



Customer-centric mindset

Working with a customer-centric mindset means that the employees work from the customer’s perspective rather than from internal processes and structure.

"Would your decision be the same, if you had to make it for your own business?" is an often-asked question when working with customer centricity. The approach is more about processes and attitudes than it is about working with more tools. How do we for instance ensure that we use our knowledge about the market and the customers to provide our customers with even better service, thereby strengthening the customer experience to improve customer loyalty? We know that loyal customers buy more, they buy more often, and they recommend us to others.

An organisation working from a customer-centric mindset has made a strategic decision to always use the customer’s needs as its starting point in everything it does. A decision that may challenge the organisation’s sense of identity. Do you work in silos? Is the solution and the product at the centre? With a customer-centric mindset, you approach the customer from a holistic perspective designed to make the customer see the company as a partner that effectively meets a complex need - every time.

For further information please contact Director, Commercial Excellence Camilla Wolff or Senior Consultant Søren Thygesen.

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Effective and profitable learning engages, motivates and is rooted in everyday life. We have developed our own unique approach to learning, which we call LEAP. 


The Challenger Sale

The Challenger Sale
Who is the top performing sales representative? Is it the relationship builder, the lone wolf or the problem solver?  We know that 53% of customer loyalty is attributable to the customer experience - not the brand, the price or the product (source: The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson). How you sell is therefore more important than what you sell. In The Challenger Sale it is about being able to push the customer’s thinking, put together the exact value proposition that the customer needs and stay in control of the sales process using the motto – Teach, Tailor and Take Control!

When the most important driver of customer loyalty is the sales experience itself!

At People & Performance we work with the Challenger Sale, and we train some of Denmark’s largest and most professional sales and procurement organisations in it as well. They all know that conventional sales training is no longer enough to set them apart from others and improve their bottom line.

For more information please contact Director, Commercial Excellence Camilla Wolff

Commercial excellence

Do your employees have the understanding of what your business needs to do to be profitable and successful and serve your customers well? Employees who possess commercial excellence have insights into the organisation’s core values, major competitors, key stakeholders and current business challenges. They know the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, and you can apply this information to make the right decisions – for both the customer and the business. In other words, they understand the interaction between customer and business, product and stakeholders. They can change the parameters that can yield the greatest difference and by doing so a competitive advantage.


When competitors gain market shares or sales stall, it calls for knowledge about customers and market to get back on the right track. To succeed with commercial excellence you have to be able to see the commercial challenges from the customer’s perspective.

For you as a business it is pivotal that your employees possess commercial excellence. The employees that that understand how the business runs and makes money and who also have knowledge of how the industry works are also the employees that show commitment and concurrently focus on the bottom line and create results. Commercial excellence is hence a lever for the employees’ performance, when they understand the industry they work in and how their role support the organisation’s goals.

At People & Performance we work focused with commercial excellence and help businesses in developing their employees’ commercial excellence in order for them to gain insight into and tools to support the business in obtaining its goals.

For more information please contact Director, Commercial Excellence Camilla Wolff and Senior Consultant Søren Thygesen.

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