A long and valuable course of development with Pelican Self Storage

Aug 5, 2022

Pelican Self Storage is a Nordic company offering storage to private and commercial customers in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Since 2017, Pelican Self Storage has used People & Performance for various types of development programmes for both its managers and their teams.

The company has used People & Performance for individual development, team development, leadership development and onboarding since 2017, and Burkhard Franz, CEO of Pelican Self Storage, says that they have experienced a close and trusting collaboration with Anni Vind Frandsen, partner in People & Performance:

“It has always been with Anni Vind Frandsen as an anchor person, and I have used her several times as an individual coach when I have had employees with management or development challenges. She has really helped these people understand what they want and where they want to go.”

The collaboration between Pelican Self Storage and People & Performance has thus been very much about helping employees understand themselves better.

Positive impact on individual attributes and retention

Anders Skov, a participant in the Leadership Savings Programme and former Head of Reporting and Controlling, describes how the programme has created a greater understanding of employees’ own strengths and weaknesses, and that the programme has acted as a link in the employees’ self-development and their own awareness of leadership:

“It has created a greater awareness of who I am, how I act and what I need to work on. The programme has helped me develop myself further and create awareness of my leadership”.

In line with this, Anders Skov says:

“We have taken my personal profile as a starting point and looked deeply at my strengths and weaknesses in order to gain a better understanding of the issues I need to pay particular attention to and how I am perceived by others. This has subsequently created the basis for concrete focus areas and areas of work in the day-to-day”, says Anders Skov.

Burkhard Franz also concludes that the People & Performance programmes help to ensure the retention of managers and employees, because the programmes promote employees’ current roles and prepare them for potential future roles in the company.

Recommends the collaboration

Based on the valuable cooperation between Pelican Self Storage and People & Performance, Burkhart Franz thus says that he can highly recommend entering a partnership with People & Performance. Burkhard Franz further concludes:

“… for me, having People & Performance as a partner is just an important part of my HR toolbox”.


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