Danni Pharao Munk

Senior Consultant


Most of my managerial experience is based on the core values of my officers training. I have been involved in training and developing leaders and middle managers throughout my 14 years as an officer in the Danish Defence. During this period, I have been responsible for both education and development of managers and middle managers in a military context. In addition to my officers training, I have an Executive MBA from the Technical University of Denmark with a profound focus on innovation and business leadership.

Furthermore, I have gained experience from the pharmaceutical industry as Head of Operations across two brands and four countries with focus on increased efficiency and employee well-being. In this context, I handled tasks such as personnel management, business development, process optimisation and had close customer dialogue with important key accounts.

I believe that leadership as a competence is a professional field in and of itself. For some, leadership is a natural ability to unify people in solving a task, while it for others is an ability you can develop by creating an understanding of what truly motivates and inspires the individual in an employee group to take responsibility for the joint task-solving.

Additionally, I have experience in the start-up environment, as I was one of the Co-Founders and CEO of a company that developed new and innovative technologies. The technologies were aimed at the defence industry with a significant focus on environmental sustainability.

I apply my numerous experiences daily to support and develop our customer’s potential.

Senior Consultant, People & Performance

Co-Founder & CEO, Cph InnoTech

Head of Operations, WS Audiology

Operations Manager, Widex

Linieofficer, Forsvaret



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