Developing Arkil’s organisational foundations

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As part of the development of the organisational foundation at Arkil, People & Performance have assisted in getting a leadership development programme for Arkil’s project managers up and running.

Arkil is one of Denmark’s largest contracting companies with almost 2000 employees and a turnover of around 3 billion DKK in Denmark and abroad, which creates high demands for the leaders. For that reason, People & Performance and Arkil together initiated a development programme to properly equip the project managers for the task as leaders and for the current challenges at Arkil.

Concerning the collaboration on the development programme Head of Division at Arkil, Claus Elleman Olsen, says:

“People and Performance have a very customer-oriented approach and takes the current challenge that we as a business are facing as a starting point. In the preliminary conversations we experienced a very listening approach where People & Performance’s consultants work to uncover challenges, target group and wish for results before they bring in their ideas and solutions for a development programme.”

It has had a positive effect on the learning journey to involve current and relatable challenges as part of the programme, as project managers have been able to take these with them in their daily job:

“We experience that the initiated development programmes are targeted also on the individual level. As such, our project managers experience their programme being spot-on in relation to their needs, and they are pressured into situations via cases where they get to know themselves better, and that is what we need in an ever-changing everyday which continuously demands change readiness.”

In these development programmes it is essential to strike a balance in the teaching between theory and practise to ensure that the leaders are able to use their learnings in the daily challenges as a leader. Claus Elleman Olsen adds:

“People & Performance use teaching methods and materials that are well tested and ensure a high degree of results for our employees, and that is important when a busy everyday must be supplemented with education, training and coaching”


Claus Elleman Olsen emphasises a great benefit from the development programme for the project managers:

“It is clearly experienced that our project managers realise the importance of their leader role and they become better at thinking of leadership as a criterion for success along with the technology. Now we experience project managers who get their organisations to perform better as a team which is beneficial for employee well-being; better internal cooperation across the business’ areas of specialisation; and involvement of project employees in the decision-making process. Our project managers are also becoming better at setting goals for the project team and communicating what expectations they are faced with, and thereby we experience an enhanced focus on the achievement of goals from everyone on the project.”


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