DiSC gives a common language and an insight into behaviour and preferences at DSV

Nov 10, 2022

DSV has worked with People & Performance for many years, and the organisation has successfully used DiSC as a tool to understand its employees’ behaviour and preferences.

The good cooperation has given DSV’s leaders insight into employees’ preferred preferences, but it has also given leaders insight into their own behaviour and how DiSC can be used to reflect on their own management and communication.

Jan Jensen is Director for Learning & Development at DSV. Through years of close cooperation between Jan Jensen and People & Performance, DSV has gained insight into the behaviour and preferences of its employees.


Why did you choose to work with DiSC?

“The choice to work with DiSC as a tool was made many years ago. It is a good tool to understand basic behaviour and preferences. It is a tool that is easy to understand and easy to access. After a few hours of introduction, you are up and running and can work with it in relation to more targeted communication based on an understanding of different preferences. As a communication tool, DiSC is very good”.

What does DSV get out of it as an organisation?

“It gives the organisation a common language. It gives leaders a good insight into the preferences of their employees, and in this way, they can gain an understanding of the employees and thereby adapt their management and communication to the individual”.

What do you get out of using it?

“It makes me think more about things – especially if something does not go as planned. I reflect on the situation and use my knowledge of DiSC to understand where I could have been ‘sharper’. DiSC does not make everything perfect – but it provides a good foundation for reflecting on one’s own and others’ behaviour in order to adapt”.

What do you think of the report format?

“It is a good format – and it is graphically and visually pleasing. It is a format that embraces the whole profile in a good way – both the big and the small preferences”.

Have you used other Wiley products? Would you like insights into other products?

“Yes, we have used other products, but when it comes to Leadership Training, we prefer using Everything DiSC Workplace and have no plans to use others – we want to “keep it simple””.

What does your DiSC profile mean?

The DiSC analysis provides an overview of our different worldviews, strengths and limitations. The analysis is a development tool to create clearer communication in the workplace to prevent misunderstandings and improve performance.


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