Jan 25, 2022

Leadership development programme for 120 leaders across eight countries builds a shared leadership language, pushes employee behaviour and creates the foundation for a winning culture in Espersen.

Espersen wanted to create a winning culture among its managers and employees to achieve business growth. Espersen knew that in order to succeed, a structured approach and a shared leadership language were required. Espersen wanted to work with People & Performance to identify exactly what was required and asked us to provide them with a directly implementable solution.

People & Performance and Espersen worked closely together to identify the leadership competences and values necessary to move the culture and the business in the desired direction. People & Performance used the input to develop a leadership development programme for 120 managers in eight countries that created a solid foundation and a shared leadership language in Espersen.

Having all 120 managers from eight countries complete the same leadership development programme has created a solid and shared leadership framework, which is clearly reflected and measured in employee behaviour. In addition, the programme has given Espersen a push in the right direction towards the company’s goal of creating a winning culture. In Espersen they know that the effect will be evident in the next Corporate Culture survey.


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