Glenn Jacobsen




I am passionate about inspiring, developing and transforming companies, organizations, teams, leaders, talents and other employees to help them achieve better, more sustainable results and otherwise reach their goals.
For the past 30 years, I have worked as a management consultant, executive coach, network leader, teacher/trainer and speaker. Before that, I worked for about 7 years as a director, marketing director and product manager in various companies.

In short terms, my works areas are:

  • Strategy, business, identity and purpose
  • Organization, team, leadership and culture
  • Communication, marketing, branding (including corporate, employer and leadership branding), sales, commercial & customer excellence.
  • Personal development (job, career, branding, communication, etc.)


I am the author of two non-fiction books:

My background is that I am educated Master of Science (MSc) in strategy and marketing, and Graduate Diploma in organization and management from CBS (Copenhagen Business School). Among others I have also trained as a coach and NLP Business Practitioner.


Director, People & Performance

Managing Director, Inspira

Strategic and Managing Director, Publicis

Managing Partner, Valør & Tinge

Managing Partner, one2brand

Marketing Director, DBU

Senior Consultant, PA Consulting Group

Senior Product Manager, Schulstad

Product Manager and Nordic Advertising Manager, Robert Bosch

Marketing Assistant and Product Manager, Pioneer Electronics



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