Glenn Jacobsen



Strategy & business development. Organisation & leadership. Marketing, branding & communication. Personal development.

I am passionate about developing, transforming and creating value for companies, organisations and people. I am ambitious, dedicated, quality- and results oriented. I strive to make a significant difference and have a positive impact.

My professional approach is partly on the business/commercial side, especially developing strategy, identity, reputation, positioning, branding, marketing, sales, communication, commercial & customer excellence. However, my approach is also partly on the organisational/leadership side, especially developing organisational design, leadership, purpose, culture, values, employer brand, teams and individuals like leaders, specialists, talents etc.

Since 1988, I have been employed in leading positions in various companies, in which I have been responsible for strategy, business & market development, products/services, marketing, sales, key account management etc. Since 1994, I have first and foremost been working as an external management consultant, business coach, facilitator, trainer, teacher, speaker etc. Additionally, I am the author of two business books (in Danish): Branding i et nyt perspektiv (1999) (about strategic marketing & branding), as well as Vil du det & har du det? Så vis det! (2017) (about personal leadership, branding & communication).

Director, People & Performance

Managing Director, Inspira

Strategic and Managing Director, Publicis

Managing Partner, Valør & Tinge

Managing Partner, one2brand

Marketing Director, DBU

Senior Consultant, PA Consulting Group

Senior Product Manager, Schulstad

Product Manager and Nordic Advertising Manager, Robert Bosch

Marketing Assistant and Product Manager, Pioneer Electronics



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