Karen Bruhn

HR Assistant


I am interning at People and Performance as a part of my master’s degree in International Economic Consulting

This gives me a unique opportunity to gain insights into how we at People & Performance approach leadership development and learning courses based on each individual company – both large international players as well as small local companies.

My experience on the international arena as well as my degree provides me with the tools to approach assignments with an open mind and an analytical mindset.

My work tasks as HR Assistant include participating in various organisational and leadership development projects, supporting, and developing content for the online learning platform as well as supporting and participating in webinars with the consultants. I always strive to deliver work of the highest possible quality to support the consultants’ work in the best way.

Office assistent, Siemens AG

Waitress, Restaurant Komfur

Bachelor: Economic and Business Administration at Aarhus BSS



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