Leadership development in DLG

Anette Papuga, Vice President, Human Resources in DLG, says the following about the collaboration with People & Performance:

“The collaboration with People & Performance is highly professional and always with an offset in the business. There is a focus on the impact we are out to get through leadership – the business evidence we want to see once the interventions are done. They ensure that we in HR can drive the transformation through the organisation’s leaders. We can see the effect of this approach, both among senior and frontline leaders – it makes the organisation own it. The collaboration includes much sparring about creating the synergies and alignment between all the different elements at play in the organisation. An example is the connection between strategy formulation, -execution, and leadership training. People & Performance takes the responsibility to ensure this alignment, also towards the elements they are not delivering or involved in – there is a constant focus on maximising the business effect. Another critical element is that we always get the help we need in the window we have – they always make it happen when we need support.”

Anette Papuga states the following about the business impact of the process:

“When we collaborate to promote results through leadership, the build-up of accountability in leadership in one of the essential outcomes. Being a leader demands something different than being skilled in my functional area. That awareness makes the leaders invest more in creating results through leadership. We can see a development in the understanding of the strategy; we see more active leadership and more accountability. We are getting better at expressing clear expectations, making concrete commitments, and following through on these commitments. That movement is vital for us as an organisation.”

Anette Papuga concludes:

“I will recommend People & Performance anytime and do so whenever asked. Because I can count on People & Performance. It’s simply another league compared to what I meet elsewhere – I get what I need, and I am challenged on my thinking. The partnership we have contributes to our business performance. Also, because our senior leadership and leader teams respond very positively to the activities where People & Performance are involved – they look forward to the training sessions. An important reason is that the sessions are always focused on the real challenges and opportunities each leader faces. It’s never general considerations but focused specifically into our context with discussions of our concrete examples. The leaders work with their contexts, which results in high relevance – they get traction on the actual leadership interventions into their organisation during the learning processes.”

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