Mathias Øxenholt Thomasen

HR Assistant


I am a passionate psychology student interested in leadership and organizational development interring at People & Performance as a part of my master’s degree.

In my relatively short work life, I have worked both in Denmark and abroad, and I have an international approach to my work life. I’m ambitious, but also aware that I still have a lot to learn to be working with leadership and organizations at the highest level.

Strong leadership is a vital part of the organizational development, and I seek to support that development throughout usage of both my theoretical experience with leadership from a psychological perspective, a well as my experience from practice. Leaders and leader aspirants need to be aware of the outcome of their leadership and how to improve it.

By working actively in supporting various organizational- and leadership development tasks, I seek to deliver high quality work to support the work of consultants and ultimately contribute to stronger leadership among our clients.

Office Assistant, Infineon Technologies AG

HR Student Assistant, Ankestyrelsen




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