Strategy & Business Development

Strategy & Business Development

We realise your strategic intent by designing ready-to-act strategy, identifying where and how to play, focusing efforts, mobilising your organisation and developing your capacity to deliver.

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More than 10 years of Strategy and Business Development

Since People & Performance’s founding in 2004, strategy & business development has been part of our core business. We work with profit-only companies to develop strategies that deliver performance.

Our areas of expertise are versatile in the strategic cycle of founding, developing and executing strategy – and business development as a first order practice.
Our profit-only customer focus is pointed across geography, industries and organisations.

We operate across countries in Europe, Middle-East, Americas and Asia.
We operate on customer-close locations accommodated each process in a flexible approach.

We have extensive experience across industries.
It enables us to bring in fresh perspectives and business insights.

We are trusted partners in large-size corporations, small and medium-sized entreprises and start-ups.
We operate as Private Equity fund, BoD and top management partners

All areas of expertise are combined to offer seamless synergies.

Our foundation processes may enjoy synergies with leadership capacities
Our development processes are able to include business research capacities
Our execution processes may utilise recruitment capacities and
Our business development processes can draw on sales development capacities
…All to achieve synergy.

For more information about strategy and business development kontakt CEO and Co-founder Torben Nørby.

Strategy foundation

The strategy process requires a strong foundation. Our values, mission and vision form the foundation of our organisation. They define who we are, what we do, and what we wish to accomplish. In times of change, the focus, and the foundation that defines us, may also change.

Strategy development

A strategy contains a conscious, prioritised selection of objectives and actions. A thoroughly prepared strategy defines the overall ambitions of the organisation. Developing your strategy plan is about providing a thoroughly prepared plan to effectively, dynamically and challengingly describe what you specifically intend to do.


There is not actually far from plan to action. However, it may be challenging to ensure efficiency. Because how do you actually implement a strategy? Does it require organisational development? What happens if we encounter resistance? And how do we ensure progress, even though our strategy work is dynamic?


When executing a strategy, top management must focus on challenging the strategy. And on balancing the contents of the strategy with challenges through new knowledge, innovation and new potential. We adjust and execute targeted annual and ad hoc strategy review workshops for management teams to ensure that the strategy is updated and that the organisation’s focus is maintained. 


An organised approach to Business Development supports the strategic ambitions on reaching full market potentials. Business Development efforts make the organisation perform the tasks and processes concerning the analytical preparation of potential growth opportunities and the support and monitoring of the implementation efforts.


Organisational development is always based on the facts of the strategy plan. The facts may be obtained from thorough analyses of the organisation’s infrastructure, industry and the organisation’s challenges, employee composition and profiles. Planning of organisational development is always based on the ambitions in the strategy.

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