Apr 5, 2022

Distance- and change management has been at the heart of the collaboration between Tajco and People & Performance. The purpose of the program was to promote cooperation across their international locations in Denmark, Germany, and China.

Concerning the cooperation with People & Performance, Mija Lønvig Frandsen, Group Vice President in Tajco states:

“The good thing about People & Performance is that they are a one-stop shop for developing leaders, leadership teams and the organisation’s ability to perform. Also, it is a massive upside that they provide both ‘off-the-shelf’ leadership training and fully tailored solutions for leaders and teams. People & Performance are highly professional and are competent in tailoring tools and learning design. An example is the investment People & Performance has made in their very professional setup for virtual learning. It makes the training highly interactive – skilled consultants and ideal conditions for online learning (hereunder the proper tech setup) has really moved classroom training into the virtual environment.”

There was a particular focus on tackling challenges, but also seeing potentials emerging when cultures, people and technology must collaborate in new conditions.

Mija Lønvig Frandsen says the following about the business outcome of the process:

“In all the three organisations where I have worked with People & Performance, they have contributed to lifting the leadership level and made the respective leaders’ organisations thrive and deliver. They have built our abilities to handle specific leadership challenges, e.g., distance leadership and leading through change. In all cases, the desired business results we wanted to create through leadership have been an integrated part of the content and design – and it has worked as intended!”

Mija Lønvig Frandsen concludes:

“We give a clear recommendation to People & Performance. I am very satisfied with the collaboration we have had in the three companies I have been in over the past 15 years. Their ability in understanding the business combined with strong consultants who hold different skillsets has delivered very tangible results. People & Performance holds the competencies and experience to handle very senior leaders with consultants, who bring leadership and business experience to the table, and who manages to combine this with practical tools and insights.”


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