Torben Nørby

CEO and Co-founder


My strength is to develop and implement leadership practices that drive organisational performance in large international companies. I am driven by identifying the levers that influence performance and converting them into practical approaches to mobilise the organisation to develop its performance. Besides the organisational leadership focus, I have been deeply involved in developing senior leadership teams in the last decade – often linked to the desired organisational performance.

Besides more than 20 years of practical experience developing leadership, organisations and performance, I am a Doctor of Business Administration specialised in Leadership from Henley Business School in England. The research has contributed new insights into the links between context, leadership effectiveness and organisational performance. From that offset, we secure that the practical approaches, which is always a centrepiece for us, are backed up by the latest research into what makes leadership take effect.

In short, I am dedicated to practically oriented interventions, which are rooted in what works when it comes to leadership and performance.

CEO and Co-founder, People & Performance

Senior HR Director, Global Recruitment & Talent, Danfoss

HR Director, Europe – Middle East & Africa, Danfoss

HR Head of Department, Staff Training, Dansk Supermarked Group

HR Partner and Recruitment Advisor, Dansk Supermarked Group 

Head of Operations, Føtex supermarket 

Professional Officer, Royal Danish Army



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