I am driven by my eternal curiosity for insights and valuable knowledge that can explain the deeper human needs and motivation that, if it is really explored and used, can create development for the individual employee and organisation I am working for!

I am curious about people, and I am very interested in understanding human processes in relation to behaviour, needs and motives using my knowledge of particularly qualitative analysis. My focus is the area of tension between developing people and organisations and creating results that will benefit the individual employee, leader, team or organisation. I have 20 years of experience from building relationships with companies and employees at several levels in the companies as an advisor and a moderator and from successfully completing projects using my insights and analysis-based approach.

I realise the importance and the potential of being able to use analysis-based knowledge and an understanding of people in organisations through "conversion-to-action".

At People & Performance, I am part of our team working with business and organisational analysis which also supports leadership and sales development, nationally as well as internationally. We work to develop methods, facilitate workshops and design training sessions that ensure that the data, information and insights obtained are used at the customers and translated into the desired effect and increase performance. We apply equal measures of business insights, organisational understanding and knowledge of human behaviour, and we work with the most novel tools within analysis and change management.

With my background in business economics (obtained at Copenhagen Business School) and social psychology (obtained at Roskilde University) and my CTI Coach certification, I am always studying and exploring the needs and motivation that stimulate and drive the development of the individual employee, the individual team and the individual organisation in the desired direction.

Senior Consultant, People & Performance A/S

Director & Partner, senior moderator, AIM create

Head of Qualitative, Nielsen Denmark

Senior Director, Gad’s Research & Reflexions

Advisor, Moderator, Coach, Lotte Borch

HR Manager, Mediacom

Human Resource Manager, Gad's Research

Senior Consultant, The Nielsen Company