"The ability to embrace diversity and to lead inclusively are key competencies required of today’s leaders. My success relies solely on my capability to assist leaders develop and master these competencies."

Diversity has always been pivotal in my life. Navigating in a multicultural setting and including everyone present was key whilst being raised and educated internationally. My experience living and working in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia with some of the world's leading Tourism and Communication organisations naturally developed my talent and passion for ‘advantaging’ diversity.

My experience consistently demonstrated that diverse and inclusive organisations stand out, hence creating bridges between cultures and helping organisations embrace differences found its way to the centre of my career, providing organisations with immense strength and ability to truly excel.

With exposure to alternative backgrounds, we acknowledge our own relative privileges or access to opportunities unavailable to others and take part in leveling inequality in the workplace.

Through leadership development workshops, inclusion training, global awareness facilitation, and executive coaching, I help create an understanding of the differences in corporate environments and help organisations embrace and build diversity. Aided by research-based tools, I assist in creating a culture and an ability to include talent and make every facet of the diamond shine bright!

Senior Consultant, People & Performance A/S

Founder, Multicultural, Denmark, Kenya & Singapore

Intercultural Trainer & Facilitator, Germany & Singapore

Human Resource Manager, Pragma Group, Dubai, UAE

Senior Account Manager, Publicis Groupe, Dubai

Senior Sales Executive, Emirates Groupe