"With curiosity, flexibility and introspection, we can develop, create and achieve amazing goals."

I believe that lifelong learning is one of the most important guiding principles for success. With curiosity, flexibility and introspection, we can develop, create and achieve amazing goals.

We live in a world that changes faster than ever before. Lifetime cycles for companies and organisations becomes shorter and shorter. Achieving success in our professional life requires insight, focus, creative thinking and courage. Leaders like Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Kevin Plank (Under Armour) and Reed Hastings (Netflix) have created global businesses in record time. In order to be a part of the successful companies of tomorrow, we must work equally focused on innovation, as well as corporate culture and people management. Everything that can be automated will be automated. Managing and operating a machine or a robot requires a particular set of skills – to lead and engage people, we need a very different one. This is why our ability to enhance our learning skills and pursue ongoing development stays relevant.

 As a consultant, I always work with two main guidelines in mind:

  • Respect for and an understanding of the overall purpose of the organisation
  • To be able to motivate and create development by strengthening the organisation's or business's most important resource – people.

 My experiences are based on 20 years of running my own business in a very competitive, purpose driven, and creative industry (the music industry). Furthermore, I have a solid history as a consultant on topics such as management, motivation, communication, conflict management, teaching technique, business development and performance. The most important thing in my work is to help create the necessary space for learning, teaching and development. I am certain that this process is a crucial element for achieving success – not only in the present but also in the future.

In addition, I have been performing on stages as a professional singer more than 2,000 times. My audience record is more than 6,000 people. So, I know what it takes to deliver. Again and again – and under the high pressure of big expectations.

Senior Consultant, People & Performance A/S

Consultant & Teacher, SUPPLEMENT

Business Owner, Co-Pilot

Coach, Artlab


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