"I am driven by working with various HR tasks where, with my sense of coordination and structured work approach, I can help to get the various puzzle pieces to fall in to place"

Where there is a will, there is a way. I am convinced, that it is not always about what you can, but instead about what you want. I have started my journey within People & Performance as an Intern, then I had a stopover as Student Assistant, after which I have flown on to a position as HR Coordinator and now to a position as Research Consultant. This journey has been filled with learning, personal development and I have not least found my career path.

Based on the customer's business situation and to play a central role in the task of securing customers the very best candidate field, motivates me in the role as Research Consultant. I believe that a creative approach, an in-depth coverage of the candidate market and communicating at eye level is the key to a successful research process. I take on new challenges with a positive and can-do attitude and with curiosity and focus, I always obtain the necessary knowledge required to solve a task.

Research Consultant, People & Performance A/S

HR Coordinator, People & Performance A/S

Student Assistant, People & Performance A/S

Intern, People & Performance A/S 

Communication and Marketing Consultant, X-link A/S

Volunteer member of HR and Communication Committee, Red Barnet Ungdom Aarhus

Volunteer Mentor, Aarhus University 

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