Better results through better cooperation in Würth

People & Performance supported the development of new processes focusing on trust, commitment, and conflict resolution within Würth's leadership team to achieve results together.

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Kasper Urth

Kasper Urth

COO and Co-Founder


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Würth Danmark A / S is Denmark’s largest B2B sales organisation and employs more than 600 people. The company sells consumables to the entire craft industry in Denmark and supplies everything from screws to shower heads.

Following a restructuring of Würth’s management team, a strong framework and new tools were needed to handle the challenges posed by the restructuring. Therefore, Würth, in collaboration with People & Performance, chose to facilitate a tailor-made programme for the new management team with a focus on strengthening Würth’s results through better collaboration and stronger community.

“It was a journey that was important to me, that we took together and were guided by someone who could challenge us along the way,” Donny Moerkerk, CEO of Würth Denmark, says about why they chose to work with People & Performance.

The management team has been tuned and cohesive

People & Performance supported the development of new processes, focusing on building trust and commitment across Würth’s new management team, and strengthening their ability to handle conflicts, holding each other accountable, and ultimately create results together.

“We have been good at dealing with corona handling, strategic decisions, reconciliations, conflicts, and disagreements along the way. In the end, I experience a close-knit management team, which means that the organisation Würth Danmark experiences a management team that is coordinated, stands together and speaks with a common tone, ” Donny Moerkerk says and adds” that the good cooperation in the management team has created more security in the organisation and ultimately contributed to good results. ”

A good collaboration with People & Performance

In the process, it was important that People & Performance and Kasper Urth, who is the COO / Co-founder of People & Performance, were good at sensing the respective colleagues in the management team and the jargon between them to create the right space for development:

“I clearly saw that Kasper was quickly accepted into the facilitating role and therefore quickly had the acceptance and confidence needed to challenge us. I have only experienced this as a really good process,“ says Donny Moerkerk about the experience with Kasper and elaborates:

“The general collaboration with People & Performance and Kasper has been smooth and practically oriented. We have had an open and honest dialogue, where Kasper has come up with a presentation with his input. Once we have adapted it with our thoughts and desires, something good has always come out of it. And that is also why we choose to take the next step with leadership development at the next level in the company. ”


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