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Dec 14, 2022

Change processes

Do you know what a change process is? PPHR has 15 years of experience in change processes in companies. Read about the...
Oct 24, 2022

The four styles of the DISC model

Gain insight into the preferences that influence your behaviour with the DiSC model. Here is everything you need to...
Sep 30, 2022

What is the purpose of DiSC?

A DiSC profile is an analysis tool that helps us understand behaviour. Create personal development, teamwork and...
Feb 15, 2022

Leadership academy in Unifeeder

Together with Unifeeder, People & Performance has developed Unifeeder Academy, a series of courses that consists...
Feb 04, 2022

What is good leadership?

Good leadership is very much about how you act. Leadership is behaviour, and behaviour can be learned, trained and...
Jan 04, 2022

Board education in COOP

Since 2015, People & Performance has developed and completed board training for Coop in Denmark. Coop is a...
Dec 25, 2021

Development programme in Verisure

Verisure is experiencing high growth as the market leader for alarm systems in the Nordic countries. As a result,...
Nov 09, 2021

Why the leader employment fails

Introducing your organisation, its systems, workflows, and your new leader's team is a classic example of an...
Nov 05, 2021

Change in organisations

Organisational change breaks down familiar frameworks and requires us to “reframe” our understanding of...
Nov 04, 2021

Change management in motion

If you compare the change management of ten years ago with today’s change leadership, you are challenged in three...

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