Implementation of leadership principles and value-based behaviour in Elopak

People & Performance has supported Elopak’s development and implementation of their redefined vision and mission.

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People & Performance has supported Elopak’s development and implementation of their redefined vision and mission. The focus has been on implementing leadership principles and employee performance behaviour.

This has been possible through workshops with leaders and employees facilitated by People & Performance. These workshops have been based on close cooperation, guidance and sparring with Elopak, as well as a 360-leadership snapshot to identify the current behaviour in the organisation.

Nete Bechmann, Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) in Elopak, mentions the following on working with People & Performance:

“We have worked with People & Performance throughout the most of 2021 about our future culture in Elopak. We redefined our vision and mission and went from values to behaviour. The latter, People & Performance had a large share in, and this has made the cultural change much more concrete. People & Performance has been involved in supported throughout the organisation”.

Through education of internal trainers, who later will be able to establish a new leader- and employee behaviour in Elopak, the future development is secured. Nete Bechmann mentions the following regarding the business effect of the course:

“We have created a much better connection between vision, mission and strategy and clarified the culture needed to succeed with the strategy. Culture in terms of management and employee behaviour. Cultural change is not created in such a short time, but we can already see and feel how several parts of the organization have embraced it and are beginning to use it actively in the work of change. People & Performance has delivered part of the foundation needed to ensure effective organizational performance”.

Nete Bachmann lastly adds:

“I would recommend People & Performance to others because they have a good balance between a theoretical concept apparatus and concrete methods/solutions. Their methods and ideas are relatively simple, are communicated in a simple way, and therefore the implementation of the solutions becomes simpler for the organization. They understand the company’s challenges, are great at listening and easy to work with”.


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