About People & Performance

About People & Performance

Give your organisation the ideal preconditions with our tailormade leadership and organisational development programmes. The combination of extensive experiences on across business and our research-based focus provides the best possible conditions to develop both leaders and whole organisations, so you will have a strong position on a competitive market.

The connection between people and business

Leadership- and business development, making a difference

Since 2007 we at People & Performance have specialised in creating strategic, tailormade leadership, management team- and business development for local as well as global organizations. We have offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus and experienced colleagues in 12 other countries, from Australia to Hong Kong, The Netherlands and in the US, who all make sure we have the right cultural knowledge across boarders in our international assignments. Our presence in that many countries provide us the possibilities to deliver exceptional power of deliverance worldwide.

Company performance is directly combined with the people, who daily work for delivering on the strategic objectives. Therefore, it is our mission to function as the solid link between business and employees, who makes long term behavioral changes and noticeable results possible.


With starting point in your unique situation

Tailormade programmes

Our starting point is always the organisations ambitions, its surroundings, general business dynamics and identified challenges. With our tailormade programmes we put focus on mobilising both organisations and people with lasting behavioral changes making them possible to deliver their best.

We achieve that through working everything from specific tools and programmes to the more overall tendencies and strategies, where we take a closer look at the possibilities and connections across, making it possible to target the organisations direction ideally.

You can always expect that we take a starting point in your specific context and the specific and general dynamics and challenges, that characterises your business area. We also bring our wide experience and our thoroughly worked, acknowledged research in play, when we challenge your status quo and “as we use to do”- thinking.

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