A long and valuable development programme with Pelican Self Storage: People & Performance’s in-depth knowledge of the company and its culture

Pelican Self Storage has collaborated with People & Performance for individual development, team development, leadership coaching programmes and onboarding since 2017

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Pelican Self Storage is a Nordic company that offers storage for private and business customers in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Since 2017, Pelican Self Storage has used People & Performance for various types of development programmes for leaders and their teams.

Pelican Self Storage has used People & Performance for individual development, team development, leadership coaching programmes and onboarding since 2017, and over the years, Anni Vind Frandsen, Partner in People & Performance, has acted as the anchor person in the collaboration.

“The first programmes began as coaching with selected leaders – primarily leaders who had started in a new role or were newly appointed leaders – to help them understand the leadership task they were facing or to support them in their task,” says Allan Agerskov, COO of Pelican Self Storage.

The collaboration between Pelican Self Storage and People & Performance has thus been very much about helping leaders understand themselves better.

A long-term collaboration

Since the beginning of the collaboration, Anni has been coaching leaders across all levels of management in the organisation and has therefore built up a strong knowledge of Pelican Self Storage’s employees and its corporate culture:

“Anni has an in-depth knowledge of our company and culture, but also of many of the individuals in the organisation. Being able to use Anni in relation to leadership development, who at the same time has an understanding of the company, the culture and the various departments, means that Anni can quickly step in with almost any employee – new or existing – to address some specific issues or development tasks for the employee in question”, Allan Agerskov says.

Across individual, team and head office levels, People & Performance has thus acted as an integral part of developing Pelican Self Storage’s leaders across all levels of management. The impact of this form of personalised coaching to Pelican Self Storage’s management team has been as follows:

“It has provided some tools in relation to some specific management challenges, and it has also facilitated better communication and co-operation in the relationships we are each involved in – both internally and externally,” Allan Agerskov states.

As a result, consistent leadership development has laid the foundations for better cooperation and understanding of each other’s tasks – and thus created closer collaboration between teams.

Recommends the collaboration

Based on the valuable collaboration between Pelican Self Storage and People & Performance, Allan Agerskov says that he can particularly recommend entering into a collaboration with People & Performance:

“The value for us lies in the knowledge that People & Performance has built up by knowing the employees, the culture and the company – it makes it easier!”, says Allan Agerskov, who also concludes that he would recommend working with People & Performance:

“I would do that anytime for companies that need this type of support”, says Allan Agerskov.


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