DiSC personality profile

DiSC personality profile

Choose from different DiSC personality profiles and strengthen collaboration in your organisation.

People & Performance is a Authorised Everything DiSC® partner.


DiSC – personality profile for professional development

DiSC is one of the world’s most recognised personality profiles, helping managers and employees every day to build a common language about behaviours and attitudes, and how to achieve high performance through teamwork.

DiSC is a professional and easy-to-understand profile tool with a proven impact on leadership and team performance. A DiSC personality profile allows you to increase your self-awareness and improve communication and collaboration with other people.

Get a professional personality profile at an Authorised Everything DiSC® Partner.

People & Performance is an authorised Everything DiSC® partner. We work with DiSC in different ways depending on which area of the organisation that needs to be optimised.  

When you buy a DiSC personality profile from us, you get a comprehensive report with specific input about the development of team performance, which can be used by managers and internally in teams.


Choose between different DiSC profile analyses

We have a wide range of DiSC profile analyses, all aimed at raising awareness of people’s behaviour to improve internal communication, teamwork and productivity in organisations.

A DiSC profile analysis can be used when you are working on your personal development as a manager and when you are working with your employees. You can use DiSC as a profile tool when you want to strengthen relationships in the workplace, improve your team’s efficiency and productivity or become better at adapting your sales style to your customer’s buying style and closing more sales.

Achieve a solid foundation for business development with DiSC

DiSC is an easy and intuitive development tool to implement in companies.

DiSC personality profiles not only provide each employee with increased self-awareness but can also be used to build the framework for common understanding and language within the company.

This provides you with a solid foundation to work purposefully on the development of the company.

You can read more about our different DiSC profile analyses in our webshop.


What is the purpose of DiSC

DiSC is a development tool used by more than a million people every year to create personal development, teamwork and productivity in the workplace. DiSC thus creates a deeper foundation for individual, management and group development.

DiSC has many different purposes and serves as an analysis of personal profiles based on different approaches to development. Regardless of the goal, it can contribute to a deeper understanding of the behaviours of both managers and employees.


DiSC as a tool to accommodate diversity and promote inclusion

Companies are increasingly working strategically towards diversity and inclusion due to a paramount need to include its employees and accommodate diversity in the workplace.

You can use DiSC to focus on diversity in the workplace and create an inclusive culture with an understanding of differences.


What DiSC products does People & Performance offer?

People & Performance offers a wide range of DiSC products, each of which aims to optimise human behaviour in order to improve internal communication, teamwork and productivity in organisations.

You can access People & Performance’s range of products on our webshop

The four styles of the DISC model

The DiSC model helps to create harmony and results in a given organisation. It does this by ensuring a better understanding of the strengths and limitations of organisational members and how these can be used to the organisation’s advantage.

A DiSC profile provides an insight into the preferences that influence our behaviour.

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