Raising competency levels at Elopak: Customised leadership training that enhances leadership skills and creates effective teams

Previously, People & Performance helped Elopak strengthen leadership accountability. Now the collaboration focuses on training middle managers.

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Elopak is a global company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. It has over 2,500 employees and is a leading global supplier of carton packaging and filling equipment. The company produces sustainable, recyclable and renewable materials to provide innovative packaging solutions, such as cartons for beverages and detergents.

Previously, People & Performance has helped Elopak strengthen managers in their commitment to leadership accountability. Now, People & Performance has partnered with Elopak to train the company’s middle managers.

“We have some promises that are anchored in behaviour that People & Performance has helped us develop in the past. These promises are ’empower’, ‘unite’ and ‘accelerate’. Through this, the managers have gained values that they can apply in their everyday leadership,” says Almedina B. Jahre, Group Director of Talent Management at Elopak.

A Collaboration that Elevates Competences

The subsequent collaboration began in October 2022 with Mads Kamp, Director in People & Performance, as the facilitator. The collaboration was born out of a need to equip Elopak’s new or less experienced middle managers with the necessary competences to effectively perform their management tasks.

“It’s been about raising the competences of our middle managers to a level where they are able to lead their teams effectively. We have an ambition to become good at implementing the strategic goals we set. This gives them an understanding of what effective leadership is, so that we have teams that are efficient and professional and work as smart as possible,” says Almedina B. Jahre, who adds:

“We appreciate the high level and the way the programme is structured, which takes into account basic skills in self-management, team management and business management. This is done through assignments, reflections and learning groups – both virtual and face2face.”

Clear Benefits of Working with People & Performance

The collaboration between Elopak and People & Performance is a dynamic process that allows for the creation of training content tailored to Elopak’s development opportunities. People & Performance therefore provides customised tools that can be used and implemented in both the short and long term:

“We are very satisfied with the collaboration and our managers have also given positive feedback. They take home practical tools from the training, and this has a noticeable effect on their work,” says Almedina B. Jahre, who further elaborates on some of the benefits of working with People & Performance:

“A key benefit, in addition to the training we receive and which we are positively satisfied with, is a highly experienced facilitator with lots of practical experience. He can use this experience to clarify how certain tools work in practice. He has a natural authority that makes our employees listen, and we are very happy with that,” says Almedina B. Jahre about the collaboration with People & Performance and Mads Kamp as facilitator.


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