People & Performance elevates JYSK’s financial managers with tailored negotiation training

Strengthening Negotiation Competencies in a Global Economy Marked by Rising Prices and Inflation.

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JYSK is an international retail chain selling products within Scandinavian sleeping and living. The organisation is the largest Danish retailer, with 3,200 stores in 48 countries.

People & Performance delivers a diverse range of leadership programs at JYSK, encompassing change management, cross-cultural communication, and occasional negotiation techniques. In a recent initiative, People & Performance organised and facilitated a specialised negotiation technique program catering to the unique requirements of a specific group: the European Financial Managers in JYSK, to bolster their negotiation skills.

Given the mounting pressure faced by JYSK’s Financial Managers due to escalating prices and inflation, their ability to negotiate contracts effectively has become a crucial aspect of maintaining financial stability. Recognising the potential discomfort experienced by Financial Managers who do not have a routine in such situations, this program aimed to empower them with the necessary tools and strategies to enhance their competencies and practical skills in contract negotiations.

“A very fruitful and useful training experience. I found Kasper very professional and inspirational during the training session. I really appreciated the many exercises with colleagues within the same functions, which made it more useful for close sparing and dialogue.

Overall, very positive experience.”

Uffe Christensen

Financial Manager at JYSK A/S, Denmark and participant in the programme.

Tailored training for JYSK’s Financial Managers

Kataryna Babenko, the HR Director at JYSK, oversees the learning and development (L&D) initiatives for JYSK’s finance professionals across 27 countries. Actively engaged as an initiator and observer in the training process, she elaborates on the need for training amidst the current global circumstances:

The world’s current situation, marked by price hikes, inflation, and overall instability, has underscored the significance of securing favourable prices for our company’s services. As a result, numerous vendors approach JYSK seeking negotiations to address factors such as inflation and electricity costs. In these negotiations, JYSK strives to maintain competitive prices while the vendors aim for favourable terms. This necessitates strengthening our Financial Managers’ abilities to negotiate local contracts in each country, ensuring mutually beneficial prices for both JYSK and the vendors.”

Recognising the pivotal role played by JYSK’s Financial Managers in negotiations, Kasper Urth, COO and Co-founder at People & Performance tailored the training program to their specific requirements:

While our financial managers handle negotiations, it is not their primary focus on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, it was crucial for Kasper to design the training in a step-by-step manner, catering to their unique needs. Furthermore, the emphasis was placed on where we aimed to address their dilemmas and provide solutions through real-life case studies during the training.” states Kataryna Babenko.

Recommending People & Performance

Kataryna Babenko highly recommends the hands-on training provided by People & Performance, expressing particular admiration for Kasper Urth’s leadership during the sessions. She elaborates on the training experience:

During the training, Kasper exhibited remarkable skills in energising the participants and fostering an open, straightforward, and active discussion environment. There wasn’t a single moment where the energy waned, or anyone refrained from participating. I was truly impressed by Kasper’s approach and ability to maintain engagement throughout. He possesses remarkable training skills.”

In addition to the well-organised training, the participants gained valuable personal insights. Babenko explains:

The participants not only acquired new knowledge but also found validation in their existing practices while identifying areas for improvement. The training helped them structure their knowledge, providing a deeper understanding of their personalities and how these traits influence their negotiation techniques.”

Overall, Kataryna Babenko concludes with a positive assessment of the training’s impact and value.

“This training exceeded my expectations. It was very practical and gave me great new tools that were practised during the training – and it was fun and not at all too theoretical. Some of the tools were not new to me, but now I know to use them more intentionally. After this training, I am much more aware of setting my negotiation goals and how to prepare myself for the best possible end result.”

Miina Juntunen

Financial Manager at JYSK A/S in Germany and participant in the programme.


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