Renewed attention to daily communication and cultural differences through development programmes at JYSK

The Cross Culture workshop has given the participants communicative tools and strengthened the internal communication.

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JYSK is an international retail chain that provides products for every room in the home. It is a diverse company with many different cultures, and the company therefore asked for a course that could provide a better understanding of cultural differences and strengthen the daily communication among employees with different cultural backgrounds.

Through a carefully planned Cross Culture workshop, People & Performance delivered a programme that focuses on bringing JYSK’s employees closer together across cultural backgrounds. A Cross Culture workshop focuses on breaking down the barriers that can arise in cross-cultural communication, and the programme also creates an understanding of how cultural differences are expressed in the everyday life.

Søren Prahl, workshop participant and Head of Real Estate Development & Administration at JYSK, describes the workshop as “… a really well organised course with a good interplay between theory and practice and well facilitated with many cases and reflection exercises”.

People & Performance, with Senior Consultant Marianne Duelund Frahm as the lead, has thus facilitated a versatile workshop, where JYSK’s participants have had the opportunity to reflect and engage themselves.

The programme can be felt in the employee culture and on the communication

The Cross Culture workshop has given the participants communicative tools and strengthened the internal communication. The workshop participants in JYSK have thus had the opportunity to reflect on their own behaviour, as well as how behaviour is perceived across cultures.

“The many small and large exercises, individually and in groups, create a good dynamic in the course and help to anchor the points to a much greater extent than in traditional one-way communicative training”, Søren Prahl emphasises.

In particular, the workshop has created a renewed awareness of internal communication, as well as an understanding of how to communicate across cultural backgrounds:

“One element is of course understanding cultural differences, another is awareness of how we communicate. It was inspiring to have a separate focus on the ‘devil’ that lies in the detail – especially when it comes to communication and alignment across culturally diverse groups”, says Søren Prahl.

General satisfaction among participants

The participants express an overall satisfaction and a high benefit from the development programmes. The workshop has mainly improved the internal communication and at the same time paved the way for a broader understanding of cultural behaviour and how this is expressed in the daily communication.

Søren Prahl expresses a “… satisfaction with a well and professionally conducted prorgramme, which also gave room for some internal networking. I made some good contacts and gained an insight into colleagues’ matters that I would not otherwise have had“.


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