Development programme in Verisure

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Verisure is experiencing high growth as the market leader for alarm systems in the Nordic countries. As a result, business is pressured – and a strong and collected leader group to drive the business forward is required. By strengthening the leaders individually and collected as a group through a focused development programme, Verisure and People & Performance have ensured that the leaders are well equipped for this task.

Concerning the cooperation with People & Performance, HR Development Manager Caroline Møller states:

“People & Performance have a very practical approach to leadership, also without it losing substance in relation to leadership theories. They manage to speak informally and directly which fits extremely well with our leaders. We experience an actual partnership in the cooperation.”

It is completely essential during these programmes that the leadership training is relatable. This ensures that the leaders can integrate their learning in their daily job, with the result that their employees are able to sense a positive effect. At the same time, the purpose of the leadership programme is not only to strengthen the individual leader but also to strengthen the leaders as a group:

“Our leaders have generally grown in the leader role – they are more precise in their communication and objectives. They have become better at handling the difficult situations where the employees expect their leader to step into character. Moreover, the leadership courses have not least strengthened the leaders as a collective group. They see the value in sparring with each other and keeping on learning in their everyday,” adds Caroline Møller.

Caroline Møller concludes:

“We will recommend People & Performance to others who need their organisational foundation strengthened through their leaders. And to those where there is a need for the leaders to not only become wiser, but also to act wisely. We have experienced that as a strategic strength in Verisure.”


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