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M&J Recycling – the former Metso Waste Recycling – specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial waste shredders. With more than 1,000 machines installed worldwide, they are one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial waste shredding machines to the recycling industry. M&J Recycling is an innovative company that gives high priority to management and employee development.

It has been important to equip the leaders in M&J Recycling to handle the many changes that 2021 has offered and in collaboration with People & Performance they have undergone a comprehensive Change Management programme in 2021.

Tailor-made programme and Change Readiness Assessment

The programme was developed in close collaboration between People & Performance and the top management of M&J Recycling, and it was continuously adapted when there were some changes in the organisation, which also meant that their needs changed.

“It has been tailored to us, depending on what needs we had, and it was also adjusted along the way when we came up with something that we would like more or less of, or how we would do it,” says Ruth Lundorff , Head of HR at M&J Recycling.

To shed further light on what efforts were needed to get safely through the processes of chance, a Change Readiness Assessment was conducted in all departments. A Change Readiness Assessment equips each manager to go through a change process and it clarifies which areas the manager must focus on getting his employees on board on the journey.

“Despite the fact that many things happened at the same time in M&J Recycling, as the survey was conducted, it was well received, and all managers were given a good tool to be able to work with the special challenges that they especially faced”, Ruth Lundorff on Change Readiness Assessment.

Common language and stronger cooperation across the organisation

Asked about the business effect the Change Management programme has had, Ruth Lundorff answers:

“There has been a very positive effect, as we have a common language and promoted collaboration across the organisation.”

She further elaborates that there has been a particular focus on the collaboration between M&J Recycling’s Management team, which is the top management, and M&J Recycling’s Expanded Management team, which is just below the Management Team. The Expanded Management Team was the key to implementing M&J Recycling’s strategy, as they have the close collaboration with the employees and the good communication between the two management teams has been essential to reach the goal.

“The Expanded Management team began to take more responsibility, and brought up some tings themselves, to make the changes work even better, discuss processes and forms of collaboration,” says Ruth Lundorff.

M&J Recycling has grown a lot in the past year and looks forward to growing even more in the future, and therefore they are also looking forward to even more heavy change processes.

“The process of change does not stop here and there is still plenty to tackle. But it was good that we managed to have the Change Management programme in 2021, so we were prepared for the big changes that we are going through right now and will go through in the future,” concludes Ruth Lundorff.

Good collaboration with People & Performance

“We would like to recommend People & Performance. We have had a good and trusting collaboration between us and them. The professionalism has been high and is based on strong tools and analysis”, concludes Ruth Lundorff.



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