Say goodbye to "the good leader"

Say goodbye to “the good leader”

Say goodbye to “the good leader” – an e-book to benefit the leader, the employees and the bottom line

Leaders have a critical role in any organisation. A leader is at target for the achieved results and the performance and well-being of employees. That is why the arrow points to the leader when there are challenges.

If you are a leader, you may have been on the receiving end of criticism yourself. Or maybe you know someone who has. The good news is that leadership is behaviour, and behaviour can be learned, trained and developed.

In this e-book, we dive into the 4 types of behaviors that the effective leader must be able to navigate – to the benefit of the leader, the employees and the bottom line.

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Say goodbye to “the good leader”

People & Performance conducts leadership development programmes for leaders at all levels. Our leadership programmes are based on research and all our consultants have many years of experience. This is your guarantee of a leadership development programme that works in practice.

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