Mikiko Katsu

Director / Senior Consultant

Tokyo, Japan

I am an Executive Director/Senior Consultant of CICOM BRAINS Inc. In this dual role I focus on designing and delivering a variety of training programs to a culturally diverse demographics. Subjects covered include Cross cultural management, Global leadership, and Organizational culture.

I started my career in 1996 at Ushio Inc. in Tokyo, working in the Human Resources Department where I was mainly concerned with training and development. I then moved on to work for a Japanese internet and mobile venture company to challenge myself in a fast-developing industry. After interacting with a lot of international experts here, I decided to pursue an MBA at Hitotsubashi University graduate school. During this time, I really deepened my own multi-culturalism thanks to studying with classmates from over 20 different countries. After graduating, I joined CICOM BRAINS Inc. in 2010.

My interest in people’s behaviour and performance has led to the continued study of organizational behaviour. As such, I am now facilitating cultural change projects in addition to leadership training programs.

Director / Senior Consultant, CICOM BRAINS Inc.

Assistant Manager, Alliance Marketing, ACCESS, Co Ltd.

HR Officer, USHIO Inc.