Since 2015, People & Performance has developed and completed board training for Coop in Denmark. Coop is a cooperative-run organisation with a political structure and their board positions are filled by volunteers.

From the beginning, it was Coop’s wish that the chairmen of the approx. 600 board groups across the country should be properly equipped to take on their new role, and that every one of them should receive a high-quality education of the same standard. Special Consultant at Coop, Karsten Thomsen, states:

“We train the new chairmen in both the practical Coop-specialist part and the management part. In this context, we have worked closely with People & Performance where they have helped develop the concept from the beginning. People & Performance has put the disciplines, board duties and management into a Coop context, which has ensured a high quality of our chairman training, so that the chairmen are aware of their role and responsibilities in relation to leading the boards.

It has worked really well, and we have been very happy with the collaboration and are still happy with the collaboration, because People & Performance has understood our organisation, and has thus been able to supplement us in relation to our Coop-specific competencies.”

Volunteer leaders – a special discipline in leadership training

The collaboration with Coop has been as interesting for People & Performance as it has for Coop, as we have had a very special category of participants: volunteers.

Volunteers naturally sit at the table for reasons other than the leaders who participate in the more traditional leadership academies we offer.

“We have received a very positive response from our participants in the chairman training. They are committed and there is a lively dialogue during the training. From the feedback we receive from the participants, we can see that they leave with something they can use directly in their daily lives and in their work as board chairmen,” says Karsten Thomsen.


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