DiSC as a tool in development and recruitment processes at P. Lindberg

Nov 11, 2022

P. Lindberg uses DiSC in development and recruitment processes. The company is successful in using DiSC to understand employee profiles, candidate profiles, and how the profiles can potentially complement each other.

At P. Lindberg, collaboration and communication have been strengthened with the help of DiSC. The tool helps to give P. Lindberg the nuances needed in the organisation.

Charlotte Sønnichsen is HR Manager at P. Lindberg. Through a close cooperation with People & Performance, P. Lindberg has implemented DiSC as a tool in development and recruitment processes.

Why did you choose to work with DiSC?

“We were looking for a tool that was relevant to recruitment and development. The choice fell on DiSC as it provides the nuances we need in our organisation – while at the same time, DiSC is easy to understand for users”.

What does P. Lindberg get out of it? What does it give you and your organisation?

“In recruitment, DiSC is a tool to better understand the candidate I am sitting in front of. It gives me a direction in my questioning technique and an opportunity to test different hypotheses. Together with the interviews, cases, references and possible testing tools, I find that it provides us with a better recruitment and selection process.

As part of a development process, DiSC gives the individual an understanding of their own profile. It becomes easier for the individual to put into words how he or she prefers to work together and what character traits distinguish them. When this is combined with an understanding of other profiles and how the profiles complement each other, I find that collaboration and communication become much easier on a day-to-day basis”.

What do you think of the report format?

“The DiSC report is comprehensive and is designed in such a way that you can both dive into individual areas, but you can also go in depth with your profile”.

Why is it a good complement to a recruitment?

“For us, DiSC is a tool in the recruitment process on a par with interviews, references, cases, logical tests, etc. It is a good complement as it gives me the opportunity to be curious about some areas I might not have gotten to if I did not have the profile to ask from”.

Have you used other Wiley products? What do you think of the products?

“Yes, we have. As part of our leadership team development, we use Patrick Lencioni’s 5 dysfunctions of a team (The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team), and it has been a really good tool for us. It articulates what it takes to create a great team, and the material around the product provides direction in the development of the team”.

What does your DiSC profile mean?

The DiSC analysis provides an overview of our different worldviews, strengths and limitations. The analysis is a development tool to create clearer communication in the workplace to prevent misunderstandings and improve performance.


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