Jesper Staack Krab



Today, a large part of our workday is hectic with many stakeholders and constant change. It makes great demands on the individual and the team – and not least on management.

Constantly changing conditions require learning and must contribute to optimising our performance. And when you are put under pressure, you naturally find comfort in what you know, which is counterproductive to you being able to perform and learn.

Through my 25 years as a consultant, I have helped managers, employees and teams relate to new and challenging demands in a way that creates job satisfaction, team spirit and is in line with the organisation’s goals.

I offer great psychological insight and a toolbox full of easily accessible tools that can be applied in all aspects of the daily work. No matter if it is one-on-one cooperation, team performance, leadership, self-management, creating synergy despite differences, handling pressure, shared learning, etc.

I have an informal approach. I listen and I am direct in my communication, but I always respect the individual’s starting point. I am good at creating an informal and equal dialogue – even when things have reached a deadlock – so we can pave the way for new areas of cooperation.

Partner, People & Performance

Senior Consultant, People & Performance

Business Manager, Insights Nordic

Concept Director, Edvantage group

Concept Director, Zenaria

Partner, Cultivator

Personnel Manager, Dansk Supermarked



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