A better collaboration across regions at Kemp & Lauritzen, Teknikhuse

At Teknikhuse, which is a part of Kemp & Lauritzen, focus has been set on the great teamwork between the leaders, for them to reach their full potential and lift the company together.

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At Teknikhuse, which is a part of Kemp & Lauritzen, focus has been set on the great teamwork between the leaders, for them to reach their full potential and lift the company together.

With People & Performance, Teknikhuse has started a journey towards an even stronger group of regional managers. The focus here is set on the good, close teamwork between the regional managers, so they can become a high performing team, who manages to use each other’s strengths actively to improve the company.

Malene Larsen is HR Business Partner at Teknikhuse, and together with Anni Vind Frandsen, who is a partner at People & Performance, they have started the process.

“The goal of the leadership development is that the regional managers have to learn working even better together across the team, even though they do not see each other daily. We will go into depths on how they can develop themselves individually, but also how they reach a greater understanding of the other leaders– both their strengths and weaknesses – and how this influence on the long-distance collaboration. Here People & Performance really brings great depth into the facilitation, where Anni really is an expert”, Malene Larsen says.

The development can really be seen in the collaboration

Even though the developmental journey is only in the beginning, Malene Larsen can really see an impact on the collaboration between the managers.

“We currently have had to seminars, where the regional managers have been together to work actively with the collaboration. Even though we just started the developmental journey, we can already see an effect. We experience more sparring and openness between the leaders, and it is a development, they also bring into their own understanding of their leadership in the individual teams like role models,” Malene Larsen tells.

To create the best conditions for great teamwork, the managers also with understanding the individual leader’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses, and how this can impact their leadership.

“It’s really a vulnerable topic to expose yourself to your colleagues, but there has been great openness and honesty, which has really created a better understanding of each other’s realities. That can really help move the teamwork. But it is also a journey where we experience that it can be difficult for them to “put down the shield” and expose themselves completely. But we are on the right path, and we are ready to take the next step in working with People & Performance”, Malene Larsen says.

Positive feedback from the participants

It is not only in the HR-department of Teknikhuse, where the effects of the work can be felt. Also, the regional managers, who participate in the process, are well satisfied.

Regional manager Karsten Thorsen especially highlights the personal follow up, which Anni Vind Frandsen had with the individual participants.

“The results from our personality tests were thoroughly reviewed by Anni, where we both discussed the results, but also the individual aspects of the test. Afterwards a bow was tied on the results, as our profiles in the group were held together and compared. There was a full focus on our understanding of each other, building a strong unity and cooperation, which was really inspiring and a great entrance to have a dialogue”.


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