A strengthened collaboration through leadership development at Gram Equipment

The collaboration between Gram Equipment and People & Performance has fostered a closer collaboration across the management team

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Gram Equipment is the leading global supplier of advanced equipment and process installations for industrial ice cream production, and the company has undergone several structural changes at all management levels since 2018. Therefore, Gram Equipment has completed leadership development of its Group Management and middle managers in close collaboration with People & Performance.

After many restructurings and new faces in its Group Management team, there was a need to strengthen the team’s collaboration:

“We needed to spend some time together, which is not only about solving pure business tasks, but also about building a relationship so that we work well together”, says Anne Højgaard Diechmann, VP Human Resources at Gram Equipment.

The aim of the collaboration was therefore for the top management team to get a boost and undergo leadership training before the middle managers underwent similar leadership development programmes. The Group Management team was thus able to try out some of the newly acquired management tools to train the middle managers, and at the same time, it also created a recognisability and a common language across all management layers in Gram Equipment.

Great impact on collaboration, trust and the ongoing strategic process

The collaboration between Gram Equipment and People & Performance has fostered a closer collaboration across the management team, but the team has also benefited from individual coaching and feedback on Hogan Personality Assessmentwhere the managers have received individual coaching to enhance their individual leadership skills.

The leadership development programme therefore has an impact on various business parameters. The mix of online and physical training has gained positive feedback on strengthened collaboration, and strong relationships of trust are built among the team by spending a lot of time together. Moreover, Anne Højgaard Diechmann says that the development process is in line with the ongoing strategic process:

“… we are well aware that strategy does not just come from formulating it, but also from living it and getting others on board. So, I definitely think there is a connection there”.

Satisfied with the collaboration

Anne Højgaard Diechmann also concludes that there has been a general support from the board for learning new management tools, and that she personally recommends People & Performance to others because it has benefited the way their management team works together:

“I would certainly recommend People & Performance. In fact, I already do when someone has asked about our programmes and who we have collaborated with. So, I have made no secret of the fact that it is with People & Performance,” says Anne Højgaard Diechmann.


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