Anni Vind Frandsen



During most of my career, I have been working with leadership and talent development in large international organisations. My interest has always been to develop leaders and make them understand their role as a leader, set direction, create meaning, and motivate their employees. And I continue to be inspired by influencing leaders’ development as I am convinced that leadership is the most important factor when a company is to reach its business goals.

From an organisational perspective, it is essential to be aware of the fact that the development of an organisation’s talented leaders and specialists requires good leadership at all levels. Great leadership does not appear out of nowhere– it requires focus, self-awareness, training, and plenty of exercise.

At People & Performance, I am responsible for the business area Leadership Development, where we design, plan, and implement development programmes and courses for leaders in both large and small organisations.

Partner, People & Performance

Director, Leadership Development, People & Performance

HR Director, Universal Robots

Director for Training & Development, DONG Energy

Vice President for People Development, Vestas Wind Systems

Director Talent Management, Vestas Wind Systems

HR Manager, Rambøll         



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