Focus on creating followership and a stronger leadership position in international partner-driven company

Oct 11, 2022

People & Performance delivered a coaching programme for 27 participants divided into two teams in an international partner-driven company. The programme ran over 3 months and included a Hogan Personality Assessment, four executive coaching sessions and three team sessions – all with a focus on strengthening the leadership foundation of the company.

The aim of the development programme was therefore to create awareness of the participants’ leadership position and what this means in terms of their ability to create followership in their teams and to drive even better business performance.

To achieve this, the participants were given the opportunity to try out concrete tools for the development of their employees, and at the same time, their curiosity about their own development was awakened, as well as their desire to continue their leadership development process.

A strengthened ability to create followership with concrete tools for coaching and development

Based on a Hogan Personality Assessment, participants gained insight into how they are perceived by others as leaders. It is thus an effective tool to provide self-insight into personality strengths and challenges. This part of the process was coupled with four executive coaching sessions, where each partner in the company gained insights into individual values and motivational factors, their leadership foundation, behaviour under pressure and how to continue their personal development, among other things.

“It has been a very interesting programme, where each partner has been curious to learn more about how he or she – through a mix of self-insight and concrete practical management tools – can create a strong followership among their employees”, says Anni Vind Frandsen, partner in People & Performance.

Anni further describes how the participants have been engaged in developing their leadership:

“They are ambitious people who understand how much ownership and followership means to be able to develop their law firm, so despite a busy everyday life with lots of clients, they have each committed themselves to creating awareness of what their leadership stance means in terms of being able to create followership in the team and thus future business”, says Anni Vind Frandsen.

The participants’ outcome of the coaching process

Participants have expressed a high level of satisfaction with the outcome of the programme, which has strengthened their leadership skills:

“The greatest benefit has clearly been insight into myself, reaction patterns, motivational factors, strengths, weaknesses and so on – and through this an understanding of the similar characteristics and peculiarities of others”, says one participant in the coaching programme.

Another participant further describes how it has given him knowledge about himself, as well as insights into how to appear to others:

“It is healthy to periodically take time to reflect on leadership in a broader perspective, and in a busy day you do not get to do that, so a course like this gives time for reflection and adjustment”.

Become aware of your own potential with executive coaching

We help leaders become aware of their full potential by acting as executive coach and equal sparring partner.

By identifying the leader’s unique needs, we tailor executive coaching programmes.


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